Top 5 Must Have Kitchen Appliances


We live in a wonderful time. We can access more information and data than we could ever process and we have gadgets to make simple tasks even easier. The only problem now is… sorting through all of it! The sheer amount of technology geared toward the kitchen alone is staggering. Choosing what to include in a new kitchen during a remodel can be a headache. Despite the thousands of little doodads and gadgets we could stuff into our kitchens, I still think simplicity is best. So, here are my personal favorite top 5 must have kitchen appliances!

Vegetable noodle maker is hard to duplicate and the sheer amount of dishes made easier to prepare with it is proof enough that it deserves a place in your kitchen. The dough for flakey French pastries can be made in seconds, fresh peanut and nut butters are simplicity itself to make, hummus is a breeze, dips of all sorts can’t be beat, hundreds of other dishes are made in a flash, and food processors are not too expensive for the workout they’ll get. In general, they last for years (mine has its 10 year birthday this year). Tip: get a size larger than what you think you’ll need. It’s easy to make a small batch in a large processor and you won’t regret your decision when you want to whip up a huge bowl of hummus for a party.

This one is a given and will set your mind at ease next time you roast meat at a party since you’ll have the assurance that the center of the roast or chicken is cooked. There are many style of meat thermometers, but the best kind are insta-read ones. Sure, the slow rising thermometers of olden days were find and quaint, but keeping a roast out of the oven for two minutes while you take the temperature can prolong roasting time– better do it accurately and swiftly.Tip: Buy one with as thin a tip as possible. The first meat thermometer I had featured a broad tip and my roast chickens were essentially puckered with holes by the end of roasting.

This isn’t as much of an appliance as it is a tool, but still a necessary one. Sure, there are other methods to zest citrus, but a good, microplane zester/grater just does it better. They last for years, take up almost no room, and clean up very nicely. Tip: Buy a good, sturdy one– you can use it to grate harder foods like fresh coconut, chocolate, and Parmesan as well as citrus of all varieties.

Save money and brew your own coffee at home rather than shelling out the big bucks at an artsy coffee house. Even if you are not a big coffee drinker, many people are and it is always polite to offer a cup to guests after dinner or in the morning if you have overnight visitors. I like these stove top coffee makers– you can buy a small, inexpensive one to keep around to use if a guest wants a quick cup.Tip: Never run out of coffee. If you are expecting an overnight guest, ask them how they like their morning java fix in advance of their arrival and prepare accordingly– they will certainly appreciate it!

Few things in life garner as much envy, praise, nostalgia, and criticism as stand mixers do. True– they’re expensive, but they commonly last for a decade or more. In fact, a friend of mine had to give hers away– the thing wouldn’t die, she had it for thirty years, hated the color, and wanted to replace it with a new one to match her kitchen. They aren’t a necessity in everyone’s kitchen, especially if you’re not a big baker. They are popular because what they do, they do perfectly. Fresh whipped cream couldn’t be easier to make, making cookie dough is turned into an almost hands-free process, and your back will thank you when you see how nicely these things can knead dough. Baking simply becomes easier with them and they’re worth the investment even if you only use it once or twice a month.Tip: If the sticker-shock is just too much, check online for listings of used machines. Just make sure that the engine is not burned out that it comes with all the basic attachments. Happy Baking!

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How to Make a Weed Grinder

Hey readers, today I am going to show you a few ways to make a weed grinder that i found on herb.Co. I have used these all a bungooch of times and they work like a charm. These techniques work great when you are in a pinch. The idea here is to take your time and be careful, you don’t want to lose precious bud on the carpet.


The Pill Bottle Nickle Technique

Guess what, you only need 2 things for this method. A pill bottle and a nickel. Yeah I’m so funny… So first thing is always safety so clean out the pill bottle and make sure its clean and dry, next scrub that nickel up good. The procedure is similar to cleaning your favorite vaporizer for weed. The two most common things found on a nickel are crack and semen; not something I would like to smoke. You need to break up the weed a little bit before you put it into the pill bottle, this helps it a lot later so dont skip this step.

Medical marijuana dispensaries
So once the weed is broken up in the pill bottle, throw in the nickel and close the lid securely. Now shake that bad boy up and down like you’re giving a hand job for crack; and you really like crack. Keep an eye on how fine its getting and if you masturbate too frequently  shake it too much you could turn it to dust, thats only good if you are vaporizing.

The Shot Glass Scissor Technique

While this sounds like a combination of a drinking game and a lesbian sex move, this is a great technique to break up your herb. Break your weed up a little bit with your fingers, then throw it in the tallest shot glass you can find. Use the scissors to bust your weed up as fine as you desire, this is actually quite fast and easy so I don’t need to write much about this, here is a bonus technique bellow. You can scrape the scissors afterwards to get the hash. This is commonly known as scissor hash and is quite potent .


How to make a weed shot:
So now you have a shot glass with heaps of left over thc in it, if you like you can turn this into a potent shot. First we need to decarb the weed; this basically means we heat it so it becomes active when you eat it. Place your shot in a coffee mug and fill it with boiling water but not so it flows into the shot glass. Leave this for 5-10 minutes.
Then pour in some alcohol like vodka into the shot and give it a stir, the alcohol will absorb the thc. You’re done, depending how much weed you ground up in the shot glass you can get pretty high off this.
If none of these methods work for you, then I consider buying a weed grinder. These make grinding your herb so much more convenient. If you dont have $30 laying around, thats ok. You can use the technique of our forefathers and just use your fingers you lazy fool!


Reasons To Play The Long Term Game

I’m no expert on American politics, but I’ll be interested to see if a US president is re-elected this week, and given a few more years to try to carry through his plans.

One way of looking at such a result is to see it as a vote for long termism, and maybe, just maybe the idea of big things taking time to achieve, and being stronger for the time taken to achieve them.


When it comes to marketing and communications we are still seduced by the promise of quick wins and tales of short term campaigns, with little reference to how (or even if) they fulfil any long-term goals. Measures of success tend to be campaign-specific, and strategy decisions are frequently made in response to short term results.

Belief in the long term requires accepting the idea that in the short term there may be failures, while still trusting in long term success. The crucial word here is ‘trusting’ – for most of us, especially during a downturn, the future is uncertain, so belief in a long term strategy requires faith.

I can think of quite a few good reasons to work at the long term, for example:

  • People want long term relationships (nothing worse than feeling loved for five minutes – usually until chivvied into buying/doing something – then forgotten about)
  • Long term relationships are more likely to survive mistakes – if people love you, they will be more forgiving
  • Long term relationships are what loyalty, trust and advocacy are built on – the key to business survival
  • Consistency over the long term can mean the power to transcend fashion, fickleness and generational differences. (I often quote Nike as an example on this blog, and in this they are still leaders.)

Back view image of young businessman standing against business sketch

I’d love to hear of examples of businesses or organisations trusting in the long-term and resisting knee-jerk reactions to failed campaigns or short-term strategies – do you know of any?


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